My version 2.0. An accomplishment for the year 2025.

Ladies and gentlemen wish you all a blessed and happy new year of 2025. This year we give you one of the most prominent and a triumphant personality Mr.Hussain from the field of occupational safety and health. 

Being from an engineering background he started his career early in the field of civil construction and later realized the potential of being a safety and health professional alongside running a successful digital marketing niche. So, he worked overtime on improving his skills and knowledge towards environmental safety under the mentorship of Mr.Ramu who was a safety manager at his working site. Months passed on and ultimately his hard work paid off. He achieved his International accreditation from the USA occupational safety association.

To brief about what occupational safety is, it is all about saving the workforce from getting injured or life-threatening injuries and help labour force understand hazards involved in different types of field works in construction industry. Also, apart from that, different tasks included maintenance of clear record of guests and accompanying them until they leave the site safely by providing them with respective P.P.E. 

Mainly it includes the provision of Personal Protective Equipments(P.P.E) to working laborers accordingly to relevant to the type of work, periodic health surveillance by using advanced types of equipment for workers exposed to high-risk hazards, maintenance of inspection and investigation reports. So, this just a brief description of what occupational safety is.


Amidst his career, he realized that at different projects and companies he worked, it was observed at worksites that it was getting a bit hectic to procure all the safety-related products and pieces of equipment everyday used which were meant for workers safety.

Due to which Organizations were not able to arrange for the welfare and safety of laborers which ultimately led to ignorance on the programs on the awareness of safety and health to the workers and sometimes it affected productivity too.

This is where he thought there should be a one-stop platform for all occupational safety-related products.

Because occupational safety was such an underrated career stream. His main intention also is to spread awareness among the graduates in India who complete engineering and end up getting jobs mostly in tech-support or most probably a software or sales field. Because that is where our minds are stuck blindly following everyone like sheep and end up stuck in a so-called settled life. Anyone from any background can get into it.

Occupational safety is given utmost importance in all the developed countries but not much in India. But, now things are changing and India has potential in this field of career.

It was 2020 and due to corona all the works were halted and everything came down to a standstill. Because of his busy nature, he wanted to do learn and do something which would make him busy, and fortunately, he came across a digital marketing internship program under the mentorship of Mr.deepak kanakraju.

That is where he realized that digital marketing and occupational safety both can go hand in hand. He created online mentoring classes about occupational safety and was successful enough to guide almost more than 15 million students all because of digital marketing.

And this is where he imparted all years of experience and knowledge he gained and solved all the grievances and made it successful by making companies recognized as safety prioritized.

So, it was the wisest decision he ever made and learned it under the guidance of Krishna, Kamna, and Deepak sir.

Today in 2025 he is running a successful online business where he sells all Personal Protective Equipment(P.P.E) related to occupational safety all over India and abroad signing contracts from famous construction companies by using digital marketing as a medium across various online platforms as well as mentoring students worldwide about occupational safety.

Coming to his personal life he loves watching world chase tag(WCT) and watches documentaries of successful entrepreneurs. He loves animals and spends most of his free time in the wild doing wildlife photography.

He firmly believes that continuous learning, implementation, and consistency is the key to one's personal growth and development.

This is an assignment given by Deepak sir under the DD Internship program. Glad to be under his mentorship. I wish to meet him soon.

Thank you.


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